Lil Noun Giveaway!

Lil Noun Giveaway!

A Celebration of the release of our NFT features and CC0 Summer.

We are thrilled to announce that we are giving away an awesome NFT from the Lil Nouns collection! We have just launched in-wallet NFTs on Liquality. So what better way to celebrate than to give away a great NFT?

Read below on how you can participate in our NFT giveaway, and why we chose Lil Nouns as a prize.

Lil Nouns main page

How to participate

To participate, you will need to interact with our Twitter account, @Liquality_io, by:

♥️ Liking
🔃 Retweeting
📝 Replying
📣 Quoting
📤 Mentioning

Each action will get you points. Keep interacting to increase your chance of winning! We have teamed up with They are tracking all interactions and give you a way to follow your progress. You can check your points here:

To be eligible for the prize, you must have a Liquality Wallet with any NFT in it, and share a screenshot by the end of the campaign. You don’t have our wallet yet? You can get it here! ->

Contest Period and Prize

The campaign will run from August 12th - 26th. We will announce the winner shortly after. The qualifying winner will receive Lil Noun #4578!

The Lil Nouns project is a fork of Nouns: a generative NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. Like Nouns, Lil Nouns are 32x32 pixel characters based on people, places, and things. A Lil noun is generated every 15 minutes.

On CC0 Summer and why we choose Lil Nouns

CC0, or open copyright, empowers anyone to use content already produced under this license and creatively remix it for commercial purposes. It enables the same principle that makes web3 flourish: permissionless innovation through composability.

CC0 is picking up steam fast. Just in the past few weeks, we’ve seen high-caliber projects and artists like Moonbirds or @XOPYART move to an open CC0 model:

But building an open world requires coordination at scale. Enter Nouns. Nouns was the first project to create the combination of a memeable character, a decentralized treasury, and a functioning DAO.

The Nouns project has quickly become a category leader, amassing a treasury of 50 million USD, a highly active DAO, and an incredible community after only one year. In addition, they've spent over 15,000 ETH on unique proposals towards their single mission: to proliferate Nouns.

Although Nouns are amazing, they have a high barrier to entry - only one a day is created, and they cost ~80-100 ETH. Lil Nouns is a playful Nouns fork. One Lil Noun is created every 15 min, which has led to a more affordable entry point into the nouniverse. With over 4,600 minted to date, and an incredibly active and diverse community, Lil Nouns has become one of the most successful CC0 projects. They have focused their funding mostly on education, buying Nouns, and funding diversity through initiatives like @lilsistersfund

Open-source has led the way for community-first collaborative building since the beginning of the internet. Web3’s has fully embraced open-source. Open-source is the critical component that enables composability for DeFi’s money legos and NFTs, leading to web3’s growth.

Yet today, most web3 wallets are closed-source. If CC0 projects are the “apps,” NFTs the “user interface,” and blockchains the “operating systems,” then we need open wallets to be the “gateways” that allow us to fully realize an open world's potential.

This is why open-source wallets and open copyright projects are a perfect fit. Having a verifiable, composable, extensible, multi-chain wallet will allow anyone to create unique experiences for the new paradigm of endless CC0 possibilities.

About us

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