How the Liquality SDK enabled the wavGAME

How the Liquality SDK enabled the wavGAME

The wavGAME aims to make music collection easy and fun, regardless of your prior web3 experience. Players will log in with their email, and a wallet will be created for them in the background. Without having to understand crypto, players will collect directly with their credit cards, and trade their collectibles smoothly without having to worry about gas. This all has been achieved by using the Liquality web3 SDK to remove the complexity of traditional crypto applications. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how the Liquality SDK, in combination with a partner technology, has achieved this.

Self custodial wallets without barriers

When we started designing the Liquality web3 SDK, we had two clear objectives in mind. First of all, we wanted to build a platform that allows web3 app builders to serve new users without barriers. Standalone wallets with seed phrases have proven to be too complex for users that enter the space looking for web3 value in new verticals like web3 music. The SDK solves this problem by making the wallet experience one with the app. In wavGAME, this is exactly how the SDK has been used. The concept of a wallet has moved to the background, and users simply use the functionality, rather than having to wrap their minds around what a wallet is, and what seed phrases are.

The seed-phrase also has been made invisible to the user. Using Web3Auth as a part of the SDK, users can simply use an email-password combination, or a social login to sign up and authenticate. Multi-Party Computation (MPC) has been used to have the seed-phrase distributed in multiple places. This way the user keeps control over the wallet, while at the same avoiding having to store or remember a seed-phrase off-line.

While making the wallet experience easy to use, we also wanted to make sure that we didn’t lose the core of what web3 is about. Having full and exclusive custody to your own wallet and assets, was something we wanted to guard as a core piece of value. As a result, the wavGAME has become an experience that is accessible for all to participate in, while the collectibles acquired in the game, belong to the player and the player only.

Gasless transactions

Gas is core to crypto. The blockchain engine has to run, and gas is what is paying for it. But the experience of paying for gas can be pretty gruesome. Just acquiring the right token to pay for gas for a transaction can be hard enough, let alone the efficiency losses of swapping small amounts to fund a single transaction.

By partnering with Gelato, we have incorporated the ability for gas to be paid by the app owner. This way, the experience of paying for gas has been removed completely from the view of the user, removing another major barrier to adoption. Paying for gas in the backend has several advantages. Apart from making the user experience much easier, it also allows for more substantial balances of the right coin to be kept, vastly improving the economics of gas payment. In wavGAME, removing user gas payment is another major contributing factor to make the game fun and easy to play for all.

NFT Minting, Metadata and Burn-to-Earn

NFT minting is one of the core functionalities of the Liquality SDK. While one of our objectives is to welcome new users into web3, we also wanted to give developers an easy way into web3 development. Minting NFTs with the SDK is a breeze, and the wavGAME makes full use of the minting functionality. The SDK also facilitates pulling of NFT metadata from Opensea. Any time the game needs to display an NFT and associated data, the SDK makes sure the right data gets pulled to show in the game.

While conceiving the wavGAME, burn-to-earn quickly became a central concept to how the game was going to be played. To enable this in a way that is accessible to devs, we added a ready-made burn-to-earn contract to the SDK for wavGAME to use. Adding this functionality made a lot of sense, as we see a lot of opportunity for other games to use this feature through the SDK.

Credit card payment

The final building block of making a user friendly game experience was the actual NFT purchase event. While paying with crypto would be the go-to way of transacting in the web3 world, we chose to facilitate new users in wavGAME by allowing for credit card payments to mint music NFT collectibles. This completely removes the need for new web3 users to jump through hoops to acquire crypto, before the game even can be played. Partnering with Crossmint allowed us to open a simple card gateway for NFTs to be purchased. With this in place, the experience of playing wavGAME really could not be any easier.

wavGAME as a blueprint

wavGAME was developed in partnership with wavWRLD. The design of the game is a strong reflection of how wavWRLD is looking at the evolution of music collecting, and the use of web3 technology to facilitate that.

At the same time wavGAME was conceived as a way to showcase the Liquality web3 SDK. By incorporating most of the SDK functionalities, and even adding a few specifically for the same, we believe wavGAME is a great example of how a modern web app should work. Targeting new web3 users requires a different approach from what we knew in crypto.

By removing major barriers around onboarding, authentication, crypto and gas on the user side, and handling wallets and NFTs on the developer side, we believe we’ve contributed to make web3 a lot easier, while sticking to the core of web3, where users truly own their assets.

The gameplay based on earning and burning NFT collectibles is a concept that both wavWRLD and Liquality believe is appealing beyond just wavGAME. It is a gameplay model that targets user engagement, with a specific view on the connection between fan and artist. As such, this game concept could be well fitted to be used by other platforms focused on music and arts, but also for example by brands who are looking to engage with their customers. Getting fans, users and customers onboard, and inviting them to engage with your art of your product in a way that is playful and meaningful, is one of the most powerful ways of generating positive experiences, and to create lasting bonds.

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