wavWRLD and Liquality announce the wavGAME

wavWRLD and Liquality announce the wavGAME

At Liquality, we have promised you an SDK that will enable brand new concepts for new users in web3. And we have done exactly that by partnering with wavWRLD, and building the wavGAME, which is launching today!

wavGAME is the ultimate web3 artist - fan engagement game, where fans acquire cards of their favorite artists, while battling other fans to win a set of exclusive artist related prizes that are in very limited supply. The lucky winner of the main prize will get a trip and a 1-on-1 concert of their favorite artist! But first, let’s take a step back and see how wavGAME was conceived.

What do fans truly want when collecting an artist’s music?

First of all, the most important question: why do people collect music?

Some argue that collecting music NFTs is a speculative investment. A bet on the artist’s future career. Imagine if you owned 1 of 30 verified editions of The Beatles’ early releases, how much would that be worth now? Taking bets on budding artists has happened throughout history, and now we can do it digitally since we have the ability to verify digital property in web3.

Others suggest it’s about supporting and building the community. You support artists you want to succeed, and who give you a sense of belonging. Supporting someone you believe in and being a part of a community is great no matter what.

Another set of collectors will say it is about access. They buy an artist’s collectible because they believe holding it will give them access to more. Whether that’s a collector-gated chat with the artist, pre-sales for upcoming releases, alpha leaks on new songs / projects, a surprise airdrop, or other digital experiences. Having early access to music you love is amazing, plus you may be able to collect rarer content by being a pre-existing collector.

In building wavGAME in partnership with wavWRLD, we believe true fans collect to connect. We connect by listening to the songs we love. We connect even further when we listen to these songs being played live by the artists we admire. Imagine if you could be present to the artist live performing a song that we love, and that performance is only for you.

Does that sound good? Then find out how to play here!

wavGAME: How to play

wavWRLD and Liquality bring you wavGAME: the 6 levels of connection. This is where we find who the true fans are, the ones who are seeking a once in a lifetime experience to connect with their favorite artists.

Here’s how it works:

  • There are 8 artists, and 24 songs to collect, plus additional valued prizes
  • 6 levels of connection:
  • 1st: collect a card with a live performance song from any of the 10 artists you choose
  • 2nd: trade any 2 level 1 cards from that artist, get the ‘top live song’ of your artists, chosen by the artists themselves (only collectable through burning, not available in level 1)
  • 3rd: burn 2 “top song” cards and get a new unreleased track + exclusive digital performance from the artist
  • 4th & 5th: this prize will be revealed during the game. Stay tuned to find out what you can win here.
  • 6th: burn 2 level 5 cards. Everyone that reaches Level 6 and keeps their card, will win a meet-and-greet with their chosen artist. All Level 6 holders of all artists will also enter a raffle to win a trip and a 1-on-1 concert with their chosen artist. One lucky Level 6 card holder in the game will win the main prize.
  • In order to get to the ultimate connection experience, you’ll need to trade a total of 32 level 1 cards
  • Collectors of the artists can collaborate to play together, by sending each other cards, and enjoy the ultimate connection together. Only the equivalent of 1 person’s accommodations will be paid for
  • There is an additional prize for full-set holders, you will need to have at least one card on each level from one artist, to win this prize.

Open to all

The wavGAME is open to all! Of course having a healthy dose of passion for music helps. But crypto knowledge is not required. The Liquality SDK has made it possible to build a game that anyone can play, not having to worry about wallets and seed phrases.

Check out the wavGAME now, and who knows you’ll be meeting with your favorite artist for a live in-person concert soon! Click here to enter the wavGAME.