Optimism with Liquality: A New L2 Solution Enabled

Optimism with Liquality: A New L2 Solution Enabled

We are excited to announce that we have added the Optimism chain to Liquality! Optimism is a low-cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchain. It leverages Ethereum security while delivering faster and cheaper transactions. More and more DeFi applications are choosing Optimism as one of their adopted chains.

Now, with Liquality, you directly access the Optimism ecosystem with a native OP address. You can send, receive and swap tokens without leaving your wallet and bridge assets from Arbitrum, Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis Chain. All accessible from right inside your Liquality wallet.

Defi TVL at Optimism: Source: Defillama

One of the main areas of focus around Optimism is DeFi. Let’s check the leading protocols that make it hold a USD 915 million TVL.


As one of the main lending platforms on EVM-compatible chains, AAVE currently holds about $435 million TVL in Optimism. It allows users to borrow assets or earn up to 3.93% in supply APY. Our integration with Optimism gives you easy access to participate in AAVE’s yield opportunities boosted by Optimism rewards.


This derivatives liquidity protocol enables its users to mint synthetic assets backed by its liquidity pool. They chose Optimism as their scalability solution and have been working to move their TVL to this L2 chain since then. Synthetix already has $184 million on Optimism and has its stacking operations fully deployed there, with yields of up to 72.72% APY.


Velodrome is an OP native DEX with $68 million TVL. It has APYs of over 100% on some of its liquidity pools, which can be boosted further with its vesting mechanism.

Liquality and Optimism

You can make swaps directly in your wallet using our integration with 1inch network without having to connect separately to other websites or platforms.

Through our integration with Hop Protocol, you can also bridge assets to Optimism from ETH, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Gnosis Chain directly within your Liquality wallet.

Public Good

A great part of this thriving environment came from Optimism’s approach to rewarding public goods creators with part of its token supply: https://optimism.mirror.xyz/x4LGFwa6RJ_opOaCOwr_VGk04Lp3of41H8ynWaFB27E

This resonates with our beliefs of building open-source tools to positively impact the web3 community. That is one of the reasons why we were keen to integrate with Optimism, and why we are sure that Liquality is the best wallet to interact with OP!

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