NEAR Is Here!

NEAR Is Here!

Hodl, swap, use NEAR dapps, and more with the Liquality Wallet

NEAR is a Proof-of-Stake Layer-1 public blockchain platform built with usability and developer accessibility in mind. With a novel sharding mechanism called Nightshade and its unique account model, NEAR can scale limitlessly while offering familiar user experiences just like the web today. NEAR is the infrastructure for innovation which powers creators, communities, and financial markets to drive a more open, interconnected and consumer-empowered world.

We’re excited to announce we’ve enabled NEAR in all Liquality tools and software! NEAR users can send, receive, hodl, atomic swap, use dapps, and more with the Liquality Wallet!

The Liquality Wallet offers users the fastest bridge into the NEAR ecosystem and a frictionless experience when using NEAR dapps.

Compared to the existing NEAR Wallet workflow, which currently requires users to have 2 NEAR tokens in advance to create a wallet, the Liquality Wallet gives users NEAR wallets without needing NEAR tokens in advance. We believe this is a huge improvement for onboarding into the NEAR ecosystem, but it doesn’t stop there...

Atomic swapping between NEAR and Ethereum also only takes about two minutes vs. the Rainbow Bridge’s six minutes it takes to peg in and 12 hours it takes to peg out. The in-wallet atomic swap feature allows users to swap into and out of NEAR in a quick, truly non-custodial way with guaranteed executions or refunds.

Atomic swap into NEAR from Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Rootstock with our open-source, secure, and easy to use browser-extension blockchain wallet. Once in the NEAR ecosystem, feel free to explore dapps like the upcoming Aurora Bridge!

We’re very thankful for the NEAR Team for supporting the NEAR development in our codebase. With the Liquality Wallet, users have a fast bridge into the NEAR ecosystem and a friction-free experience with NEAR dapps.

Download the Liquality Wallet and use NEAR today.

Learn more about NEAR: If you’re interested in building on NEAR, consider applying for an equity-free grant from the NEAR Foundation to help fund your DeFi project. To get involved in the NEAR community, join us on Telegram, Discord, Reddit, or follow on Twitter.