Liquality’s Latest Sovryn & RSK Updates

Liquality’s Latest Sovryn & RSK Updates

As you may know by now, RSK users are big fans of the Liquality Wallet. From convenient and quick swaps between BTC and RBTC, to the ability to connect with popular dapps like Sovryn, it’s easy to see why. We’ve continued to work on our integrations with RSK and Sovryn to provide the RSK ecosystem with an even better experience.

Just last year we supported 10,478 reported RSK transactions. We even celebrated a Holiday giveaway for RSK users in collaboration with IOV Labs. Now, we’re proud to announce important updates to our browser extension that will continue to make it easier for the community to pay, swap, and use dapps in the RSK ecosystem.

Sovryn DAMM

First is our new integration of Sovryn’s Dynamic Automated Market Maker. Our partnership began in March 2021 when Sovryn named Liquality as its preferred wallet partner. Then, we took our partnership a step further by integrating a native FastBTC workflow within the Liquality Wallet, enabling our users to swap from BTC to RBTC through Sovryn’s convenient FastBTC Relay.

Now you can have all the security and censorship-resistance of Sovryn’s Swap application and can swap between any of the RSK20 listed in the dapp, directly from the browser extension.

In addition to cross-chain swaps between RBTC and BTC, ETH, NEAR, MATIC, and MATIC20s, now you can swap between the following RSK assets:

MoC*: The governance and staking token for the Money on Chain platform. The bitcoin-collateralized protocol is responsible for products that include a stablecoin and a HODL and earn token.

DoC: Dollar on Chain is the first 100% bitcoin-collateralized stablecoin, produced by Money on Chain. It’s the first of its kind to retain Bitcoin’s censorship-resistant properties.

BPRO: Money on Chain’s token that rewards Bitcoin investors. Holders retain full control of their Bitcoin private keys while they can both HODL and earn with free leverage.

FISH: The governance token for BabelFish, a protocol that aggregates stablecoins while improving the interoperability and adoption of the Bitcoin network.

SOV: Sovryn’s native token, which is used for platform governance via dequity. Its holders get to vote on important protocol proposals that have an effect on its overall functionality.

RIF: The token for the RSK Infrastructure Framework. It allows holders to use services that are compatible with the RIF architecture.

XUSD*: A partially-collateralized stablecoin.

ETHs*: Ethereum’s main ETH token, bridged to the RSK and Bitcoin ecosystem.

BNBs*: Binance’s BNB token, bridged to the RSK and Bitcoin ecosystem.

RUSDT*: Tether’s USDT token, bridged to the RSK and Bitcoin ecosystem.

*Require adding these custom tokens manually first before swapping; fixed in our upcoming version 0.56 of the wallet

See the full Liquality Wallet token pair compatibility matrix for detailed info on swap compatibility.

Other Additions and Bug Fixes

Moreover, we want to make sure that RSK users have everything they need to interact with the ecosystem seamlessly on the Liquality Wallet. We’ve added:

  • More liquidity for swaps between BTC and RBTC
  • The ability to export your private keys
  • Updated RSK node end points for greater reliability, and
  • A smoother wallet connection with the Sovryn dapp.

After listening to support tickets and suggestions, we’ve also begun addressing general bug fixes. Specifically, we’ve started to resolve issues around:

  • Automatically claiming and refunding atomic swaps
  • Custom fees and nonces, especially when sending maximum values
  • Accuracy for tiny decimal values

There’s More Coming

All of this is not to say we’re done with RSK improvements yet. There’s certainly more to come in the form of:

  • Swaps directly between other chains’ tokens like BTC  and RSK20s like SOV
  • Deeper Sovryn integrations with bi-directional FastBTC as well as in-wallet staking, yield farming, governance, and airdrop claims.
  • Ledger integration for cold storage capabilities using the Liquality Wallet as an interface.

You can expect to see these features coming to the Liquality Wallet in the near future.
RSK <3 Liquality and Liquality <3 RSK back. Download the Liquality Wallet and make the most out of the RSK ecosystem today.