Welcome Lunatics! Terra is Now on Liquality Wallet

Welcome Lunatics! Terra is Now on Liquality Wallet

Liquality continues to make it easy for users to move freely across chains and access the opportunities in every blockchain ecosystem. We’ve expanded our multi-chain capabilities to work with Terra on all our tools and software: Lunatics can now send, receive, swap, use dapps, and more with Liquality Wallet! This makes it not only the easiest cross-chain onboarding experience into Terra, but also the most convenient wallet for holding all your crypto assets in one location.

With this integration, our users are able to atomic swap in and out of Terra’s native asset LUNA and between major blockchains including BTC, ETH, MATIC, NEAR, and RSK. The minimum swap size is $200 with a 1% market making fee.

ETH <> LUNA atomic swap on the Liquality Wallet

Even more, the Liquality Wallet allows users a frictionless experience with Terra applications. For example, you can use the browser extension to quickly access Anchor and earn yield on Terra assets.

Liquality Wallet dapp injection for UST deposit on Anchor

Why We’re Excited About Terra

Terra is a fast-growing L1 network optimized for programmable money. It has a strong and engaged user base — which passed the 2,000,000 account milestone in September — due to features like scalable algorithmic stablecoins that include UST, the fifth largest in the market. This has enabled a whole set of real-world applications to be built on top of the network, ranging from synthetic assets like mTSLA using Mirror to 20% APY savings accounts on Anchor. Moreover, the Terraform Labs Ecosystem Fund recently attracted a $150 million investment for its continued expansion.

“Liquality sees a multi-chain future and cross-chain liquidity is at the heart of making this accessible to the user. We believe Terra is quickly becoming an important part of this future and, at the moment, we’re the only wallet that provides multi-chain onboarding and dapp injections on their network. We are excited to support the growing Terra ecosystem and look forward to creating native integrations within our wallet to provide an even better experience for Terra users.” – Liquality Co-founder Simon Lapscher.

We’re very thankful to the Terra team for supporting the Terra development in our codebase and for their support in engaging the Terra community. With the Liquality Wallet, users now have a fast and easy-to-use bridge into the Terra ecosystem and a friction-free experience with Terra dapps. Stay tuned for more on what this could mean for your portfolio.

Download the Liquality Wallet and explore Terra today.