Liquality Raises $7 Million in Funding Round

Liquality Raises $7 Million in Funding Round

The multi-chain future just got one step closer to reality as Hashed, Galaxy Digital, White Star Capital, Accomplice, Coinbase Ventures, and Alameda Research get on board the Liquality mission

The Liquality team is pleased to announce the completion of a $7 million funding round led by the leading capital allocators in the decentralized ecosystem today, including Hashed, Galaxy Digital, White Star Capital, Accomplice, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, and more. Although the Liquality endeavor has been in motion since 2018, this funding round represents a major step forward in our mission to provide frictionless access to and between the most essential and impactful blockchains today... and our investors are just as excited as we are!

“We look to partner with founders who are building the future. Liquality’s team is mission-driven and the product vision is big – from secure cross-chain swaps to frictionless multi-chain functionality” said Mike Novogratz, CEO and Founder of Galaxy Digital.

“Fundraising for a wallet requires partners who are mission-aligned and share a vision for the future of the industry, and given this is our first wallet-focused investment, we’re especially excited to partner with Liquality on this investment,” said Jon Kol, Co-Head of Galaxy Digital Principal Investments.

"We're thrilled to partner with Liquality on their continued journey towards expanding the decentralized finance space. We believe in Liquality's vision of everyone taking part in the digital economy, and we're excited to see them build tools and protocols that allow all peers to interact with the decentralized economy in the most secure, easy, and accessible way", says Baek Kyoum Kim, Director of Investments at Hashed.

Liquality users can already manage crypto assets, swap between them, and access dApps on Rootstock, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Near, and Arbitrum, with more integrations on the way.

In our latest release, users can also benefit from more liquidity for swaps, lower spreads and minimum swap sizes between RBTC pairs, bug fixes, stability enhancements, and perhaps the most exciting:

New in-wallet, native dapp integrations, beginning with 1Inch, Uniswap, and Sovryn’s FastBTC Bridge!

We’re excited to offer Liquality users more liquidity and a variety of swapping options beyond cross-chain atomic swaps!

We believe these native, in-wallet dapp experiences provide a glimpse into the future of Liquality: our globally distributed, remote team is exploring mechanisms to move governance and network incentives towards the community, including encouraging developers to extend the wallet’s capabilities (through native, in-wallet experiences like these) and participate in the benefits.

“With this funding round, the broader Liquality community will be able to integrate new chains, create native dApp experiences in the wallet, and improve the broader crypto landscape’s user experience and accessibility,” says Liquality Co-Founder Simon Lapscher.

“Most, if not all, crypto activity will happen directly through users’ wallets. By unifying blockchain communities within one wallet, we can offer a range of decentralized technologies and jointly create the fabric of the digital world” explains Liquality Co-Founder Thessy Mehrain. “We are excited to have attracted a group of investors who bring incredible experience and are ready to work with us toward our shared vision.”

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