Our Partnership with Sovryn

Our Partnership with Sovryn

Liquality Partners with Sovryn to Deliver An Optimized Web3 Experience for Bitcoin DeFi

We’re excited to announce our official partnership with Sovryn, a DeFi application for Bitcoin built on the RSK chain!

Sovryn’s mission is to add permissionless DeFi capabilities to Bitcoin, while keeping the network secured with Bitcoin Proof of Work through merge mining. By using the RSK sidechain, gas fees are orders of magnitude lower than those of the Ethereum Network.

As Sovryn’s preferred wallet, the Liquality Wallet offers users a way to atomic swap Bitcoin into the RBTC peg, the platform’s native asset, in 10 minutes and easily lend, borrow, and margin trade RBTC with Sovryn. Moving forward, users can expect a deeper integration between Sovryn and Liquality for a more seamless experience.

Bitcoin is the best digital reserve asset ever created, and the most crucial one for decentralized finance. The mission of Sovryn is to enable new financial instruments built around and secured by the Bitcoin network, without compromising the user’s ownership of their funds. Liquality is adding tremendous value for the user by eliminating several UX hurdles, making it our Web3 wallet of choice for using Sovryn.
- Edan Yago, contributor to Sovryn

We’re very thankful that the Sovryn team is supporting our wallet and technology - and we’re excited to support Sovryn, the fastest-growing Bitcoin DeFi project in the Rootstock ecosystem!

Put your Bitcoin to work. Download the Liquality Wallet and use Sovryn today.

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