Introducing Liquality Boosts

Introducing Liquality Boosts

Convenience is the name of the game for Liquality. We’re excited to enable Liquality Boosts, a way for holders of native assets in other chains to jump straight into RSK20s, Polygon, or Avalanche tokens in one click. This will reduce the number of steps users need to take before making the most of all the opportunities in these ecosystems.

Liquality Boosts work by combining swaps from our swap providers like 1Inch, Sovryn, and soon Astroport into a single flow. If you’re looking to access yield opportunities in decentralized applications like Uniswap, RSK’s Sovryn, or Avalanche’s Trader Joe with native assets from other chains, this feature allows you to do so in one-step without leaving your browser extension.

How to Use Liquality Boosts

In order to take advantage of Liquality Boosts simply choose the native asset you’d like to swap with a token on any of the supported chains, then choose the desired token below. The browser extension will automatically route your transaction as a Boost Swap.

There are two things to consider before using the feature:

  • Be sure to enable the target asset on the Manage Assets feature before using the Liquality Boosts so it will appear in the wallet.
  • Your wallet should hold funds in the target asset’s native asset in order to pay for gas fees.

Soon, we will be expanding this feature so that you can swap any token with any token across chains. Stay tuned and download the Liquality Wallet today!

Also, be sure to meet us at Bitcoin Conference 2022. Thessy, Simon, and other members of the Liquality team will be sharing a booth with IOV Labs, Sovryn, Money on Chain, Babelfish, and other friends from the RSK community.