Introducing Atomic Swaps for Terra’s UST

Introducing Atomic Swaps for Terra’s UST

Last year we announced an important integration with our friends at Terra. With atomic swaps into LUNA, Liquality users were given easy access into one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the multi-chain landscape of Web3. More so, they were able to take advantage of the opportunities in exclusive Terra applications like Anchor.

We’re happy to continue working with the Terra ecosystem with another important feature that will provide even more advantages and conveniences to our users. The Liquality Wallet is now enabled for atomic swaps into UST, Terra’s main algorithmic stablecoin and the fourth largest by market capitalization.

Quick Refresh on Atomic Swaps

Atomic swaps are the easiest and most secure way to switch assets from one network to another. Our implementation makes use of a form of programmable escrows known hash time locked contracts (HTLCs) to avoid all the hassles, security risks, and clunky experiences that bridge users have to endure. More importantly, they enable these trades in a decentralized way, without resorting to a centralized exchange.

The Liquality Wallet has made atomic swaps part of its browser integration since day one. The feature has been an important part of providing our users with the tools and alternatives they need to become multi-chain users without leaving their wallet.

What this Means for You

With the atomic swaps feature now supporting UST you’ll have an in-wallet route into even more opportunities in Terra. This includes direct access to Anchor’s Earn feature without trading LUNA for UST in a third-party exchange.

Atomic swaps for UST are yet another way in which the Liquality Wallet can be your one-stop shop for all of crypto. As we continue to expand into a multi-chain future, our ongoing partnerships will continue to make it easier for you to leverage all the opportunities across the space.

Stay tuned for more updates, features, and integrations coming soon to the Liquality Wallet. If you haven’t done so already, download the browser extension today.