How to connect a Ledger to your Liquality Wallet

How to connect a Ledger to your Liquality Wallet

Manage your assets across chains, including those on
a Ledger

Liquality is the one wallet for all chains. Whether it’s cryptocurrencies or NFTs, we give you the widest choice in chains to hold and swap. Now you can also use your Liquality wallet to manage your assets on a Ledger, making it even easier to manage everything in one place.

How to access a Ledger using Liquality wallet

To access your Ledger, go to the top right menu and select the “Ledger” option.

Accessing Ledger on the main menu

This will prompt you to another tab, where you can choose the asset you want to connect to. The current options are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Rootstock (RSK).

Asset selection

If you press the connect button before you have unlocked the Ledger with your pin code and selected the asset, the pop-up will display this message:

Error message - no device found

If that happens, you must press the “Cancel” button to close this popup and return to the previous page. After doing the necessary steps to unlock the Ledger device and pressing the connect button, the popup will show the device as available like this:

Device selection

Click on the device to select it and then press the “Connect” button:

Connection to Ledger Device

The Liquality Wallet will then connect to the Ledger to scan the addresses available on it:

Account Search

Select the addresses that you want to add to Liquality Wallet:

Account selection

Press the “Unlock” button. The following screen will appear:

Accounts added success page

Close the tab. When you go to the Liquidity Wallet Chrome Extension again, the addresses will show on your assets list.

Ledger accounts added to Liquality wallet

What you can do with your Ledger Accounts on Liquality

Now that your Ledger is connected to your Liquality wallet, you can use it for any available function in the wallet. All operations will work; only requiring one extra step when you send an asset: the transaction validation on the Ledger device itself.

Sending Funds

You must select the asset and the address you want to send to.

Asset selection

When clicking on the asset, the main screen for that asset will be available:

Asset main page

After clicking on the “send” button, a new page to insert the information will be prompted:

Transaction page

Fill the Send (amount) and Send to (address) fields and then click on the “Review” button. This will open a new tab on the browser:

Review page

You must review the information and click the “Send ETH” button to see if everything is correct. Next, you need to do the verification on the Ledger device: check if it didn’t enter “sleep mode,” or the following warning will appear:

Device not found error

When the Ledger device is connected, unlocked, and the asset account is active, the following screen will appear:

Instructions to approve the transaction

Complete all steps required on the Ledger device, and the transaction will be broadcasted to the network:

Transaction sent, waiting for network confirmations

After the required network confirmations, it will appear as confirmed, and the funds will be sent to the address selected:

Confirmation page

Receive funds

To receive funds, the process is the same as with a non-Ledger asset. First, you must select the account you want to receive on:

Asset selection

Then click on the asset:

Asset receive page

Now the information for receiving funds at this address is shown. You can copy the address or scan the QR code.

Swap operation

To perform a swap from your ledger wallet, select the swap function and choose the Ledger Account you want.

Cross-chain swap transaction

The Liquality Wallet swap function enables you to make cross-chain swap transactions between your wallets. You can select the desired chain, asset, and amount and click the “Review” button.

This will open a new tab where you can verify all the transactions’ parameters and initiate the swap by clicking on the button.

Transaction approval

A popup will show that the next step is to confirm the transaction on your Ledger device. Then, follow the instructions to broadcast the transaction to the network.

Cross-chain swap transaction execution

At the transaction details screen, you can follow the status until the asset desired is received at the destination address.

Asset on the destination chain

That was the last step for the cross-chain swap using your Ledger device. Now you can check the asset on your destination wallet!

About Liquality

Liquality is the one wallet to cover all chains. Hold and swap your assets across multiple chains in one easy to use wallet. Download the Liquality wallet and explore Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other chains like Polygon, Near Protocol, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, and Rootstock in a secure, one-stop wallet.