Hello Tropykus! Welcome to DeFi Paradise

Hello Tropykus! Welcome to DeFi Paradise

We are pleased to announce our support for Tropykus as their preferred wallet!

Tropykus is an RSK DeFi protocol, offering simple savings and credit products for LatAm. Compared to traditional banks, Tropykus users can:

  1. Earn yield on their deposits with better rates
  2. Seamlessly access fairer loans

By using the Liquality Wallet, Tropykus users gain the best possible user experience when lending or borrowing rBTC, DOC, rUSDT, xUSD, and RIF.

In addition to their savings and credit offerings, Tropykus is planting the first DeFi forest in alliance with the Saving the Amazon Foundation. Be one of the first 200 users who will have a tree planted on their behalf.

Save more, put your crypto to work, get 100% flexible loans, and help the Amazon. Download the Liquality Wallet and start using Tropykus today.

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