Avalanche x Liquality: One wallet, all chains

Avalanche x Liquality: One wallet, all chains

Liquality continues to integrate with additional blockchains to give our users the easiest way to access all chains from a single wallet. Avalanche is one of our latest integrations: an EVM-compatible smart contract platform known for its near-instant transaction finality, low gas fees, and low energy consumption. With the Liquality Wallet, you can hold assets in the Avalanche ecosystem.

Defi TVL at Alavanche: Source: Defillama

Avalanche has a strong presence in the Defi sector. It has a TVL of $2.19 billion on DeFi, with some of the leading applications deployed there. Let’s take a look at some of them.


As one of the main lending platforms on EVM-compatible chains, AAVE currently holds about $1.01 billion in Avalanche TVL out of the $12 billion it holds across chains. It allows users to borrow assets or earn up to 3.8% in supply APY. Our integration with Avalanche gives users an easy way to participate in AAVE’s yield opportunities that are focused on Avalanche users.


This yield-generating DeFi product suite is exclusive to the Avalanche ecosystem. BENQI counts on over $388 million in locked liquidity across its algorithmic liquidity market and liquidity staking dApps, with yields of up to 7.2%.

Trader Joe

One of the larger dApps by TVL is Trader Joe with $208 million. It’s the largest and most popular DEX in Avalanche, with APYs of over 100% on its farms, and it’s exclusive to the ecosystem.

Platypus Finance

A stable swap AMM that focuses on delivering trades with low slippage and a simple UI. Platypus Finance currently holds $201 million in TVL and offers yields of up to 4.7% in base APR.

Avalanche on Liquality

Make swaps directly in your wallet using our integration with the 1inch network, without having to connect with other websites or complicated bridges.

Blockchain Gaming

With an extensive list of gaming protocols available, Avalanche has options for all genres. We will highlight two protocols:

Defi Kingdoms

Defi Kingdoms is a multichain MMORPG gaming platform where the users can farm, take quests, upgrade their heroes and use the in-game marketplace to buy and sell NFTs.


Crabada is a play-and-earn NFT game where the players earn rewards through mining, looting, breeding, battling, exploring, crafting, and more.

Discover these games and much more with Avalanche at Liquality. Use your favorite Defi protocols and bridge your assets seamlessly with our wallet.

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