Announcing the Astroport Integration on the Liquality Wallet

Announcing the Astroport Integration on the Liquality Wallet

You may already know that Liquality has supported cross-chain atomic swaps between LUNA and native assets like BTC, ETH, and others. Last week, we also announced atomic swaps with UST.

To continue improving the Terra experience for Liquality Wallet users, we’re happy to announce our latest in-wallet integration of Astroport, Terra’s leading DEX that holds over $1.45B in TVL.

The Astroport integration supports trades between ABR, ANC, APOLO, HALO, bLUNA, MIR and the whole family of mAssets, and more. The exchange’s native ASTRO token is also available. With the addition of Astroport to our growing list of in-wallet swap providers, all of the assets in the Terra ecosystem are only one click away, directly from your browser extension.

With these latest Terra upgrades, we’re confident that Terra users will find the Liquality Wallet as their most convenient solution for navigating the ecosystem. For example, Lunatics can now easily swap part of their UST into MIR, connect to the Mirror Protocol Farm tool and earn over 20% APR, all through Liquality.

Stay tuned for more updates, features, and integrations coming soon to the Liquality Wallet. If you haven’t done so already, download the browser extension today.