A Year With RSK

A Year With RSK

It’s been a year now since we welcomed the Rootstock community to Liquality. A lot has happened since we became the easiest way for users of different chains to jump into the network. The Liquality Wallet continues to be the RSK ecosystem’s preferred self-custody and swapping solution and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

This is especially true for all the bitcoin holders who rely on RSK to participate in DeFi. Ever since we enabled in-wallet atomic swaps into RBTC in December 2020, the Liquality Wallet has facilitated:

  • 5,239 reported BTC/RBTC swaps worth $25.6 million in USD amounting to a total of 10,478 RSK transactions.
  • 676 reported swaps worth $4.5m between RSK’s RBTC and assets on non-Bitcoin networks including ETH, NEAR, Polygon’s MATIC, and Terra’s LUNA.
  • 56 reported swaps using the wallet’s built-in Sovryn’s FastBTC bridge for RBTC in the past two months alone.

Note: This data is only representative of transactions from users who have chosen to share this information with us.

Coming Next Year

The New Year is sure to bring even more collaborative opportunities between Liquality and the RSK Community. Soon, we’ll be announcing the addition of more features, improvements, and integrations with its ecosystem of DeFi applications. You can expect something along the lines of in-wallet AMM swaps between RSK assets, a mobile app (finally!), new tutorials, and more.

A big thanks to the RSK community for your patience, feedback, and support as we continue to improve our wallet’s reliability and capabilities. As a token of our appreciation, we’re closing out the year with an RBTC giveaway for the Holidays in collaboration with IOV Labs! Twenty five lucky winners will receive $50 worth of RBTC for a total of $1,250 between December 20th and January 3rd.

Visit this website to find out more.

To participate:

  • Follow Liquality on Twitter
  • Follow RSK on Twitter
  • Join the Liquality Discord Server
  • Retweet our giveaway tweet
  • Install and verify your Liquality Wallet then post a screenshot of your RSK address
  • Share this giveaway to gain more entries! (Max. 10)

The more actions you complete, the more entries and the higher chance of winning you will have. All prizes are paid 30 days after the end of the giveaway period.

And if you haven’t done so already:

  1. Download the Liquality Wallet
  2. Read our guide on swapping BTC for RBTC and
  3. Explore the RSK ecosystem

See you in 2022!